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BRM @ globalFEST

Aug 5
Lincoln Center
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The cultural catalysts at globalFEST have been opening minds and hearts to unexpected musical finds for over twenty years. Following a blockbuster, sold-out, ten-bands-in-one-night event this past January at David Geffen Hall, globalFEST returns to Lincoln Center for another full-campus takeover outdoors, giving audiences the opportunity to travel around the world via the big stage at Damrosch Park, under the stars at Hearst Plaza, and beneath the disco ball on The Dance Floor. Join us to experience visionary experimental pop icon Juana Molina; Afropop superstars Jupiter and Okwess from Kinshasa, DR Congo; wildly innovative Native American Hip-Hop artist Supaman who has dedicated his life to empowering youth and spreading a message of hope, pride, resilience and inclusion; RAM bringing their inimitable Haitian roots meet punk, the U.S. debut of Brazilian soul singer Bia Ferreira, and New York's own Brooklyn Raga Massive. Full schedule and lineup to come.

Featured BRM Ensembles

Prepare to be captivated by Quadrature, a dynamic band featuring members of Brooklyn Raga Massive. Featuring the mesmerizing sitar and effects of Neel Murgai, alongside the innovative trumpet and effects of Indofunk Satish, the rhythmic brilliance of Tripp Dudley on drumset, and the deep grooves of Damon Banks on bass, this musical powerhouse ventures into uncharted territories at the intersection of raga, rock, and jazz. Emerging from the legendary BRM jam session, Quadrature began their journey with fully improvised, psychedelic sets rooted in ragas, captivating audiences on the streets of Brooklyn. Building upon their foundation, they now showcase original compositions alongside reinterpretations of classics from the likes of Pandit Ravi Shankar, Funkadelic, the Beatles, and more. Inspired by their name, which derives from mathematics and astronomy, Quadrature delves into experimental realms of black hole blues and intricate melodies to create a distinctive sound for this time and space.

The Rāginī Ensemble, born out of Brooklyn Raga Massive’s annual festival of the same name, is a gathering of artists illuminating the plurality of the South Asian diaspora from Reunion Island, Guyana, and Trinidad. Bandleader and tabla player Roshni Samlal sets the performance within the aesthetic framework defined by the "Coolitude'' movement, a term coined by poet and semiologist Khal Torabully, that draws from multiple mythologies and histories that reconcile the complex nature of Indo-Caribbean identity, among other descendants of the post-colonial subcontinent. Themes of nostalgia, separation, and communal memory are explored through Surinamese baithak ghana chanting, Trinidadian Bhojpuri folk song and more with the dynamic interplay of Samlal’s tabla and electronics, the vocals and harmonium of Pratima Doobay and the loops, and beats of violinist Natie, with guests such as bass player Damon Banks and singer Kajol.

Rasa Yātra (“journey of essence”) is a captivating musical ensemble that celebrates the rich emotive tapestry of Indian classical music. Drawing inspiration from both the Northern Hindustani and Southern Carnatic traditions, the group takes audiences on a yātra (journey) across these expansive realms of beauty and expression. At the heart of this ensemble is a gathering of exceptionally talented musicians, friends and longtime collaborators, each a master of their craft. Featured artists include Jay Gandhi (bansuri flute), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Abhik Mukherjee (sitar), Samarth Nagarkar (vocals), Vivek Pandya (tabla), and Swaminathan Selvaganesh (kanjira). Embark on this extraordinary experience with Rasa Yātra and immerse yourself in the expansive beauty of Indian classical music