Code of Conduct

Issues of gender inequality, sexual harassment and discrimination, caste privilege, and abuse by powerful gurus have systemically plagued the Indian Classical music world. Part of the mission of BRM is to create a level playing field for all artists and to provide a space for people of all backgrounds to learn, perform and practice raga music.

To that end, BRM has adopted the We Have Voice Collective Code of Conduct, to which all of our community members and artists are required to adhere.  As a community, we must first and foremost remember to always extend our sympathy and support to any victim of harassment of any kind and then, uphold and honor the systems we put in place to eradicate such behavior. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing open dialogue of any possible improvements we can make as a community and as an organization to ensure the safety of our members. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach our Executive Director Praveen Ramamurthy at