BRM Jam Session

The seeds of Brooklyn Raga Massive were first planted during a jam session at Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn in 2012. What began as a casual, weekly event flourished and grew into a mainstay of the New York City arts scene, cultivating a vibrant community of diverse musicians and music lovers. The democratic nature of the jam sessions is our way of making engagement with raga music more welcoming and accessible to artists of all backgrounds and experience levels. Grounded in raga music, the jam sessions always surprise and delight with stunning classical performances as well as improvisatory explorations into any and all genres of music. 

BRM Jam Sessions take place monthly and kick off with an hour long concert followed by a jam session. 

Musicians who wish to join us can register their details here, and they'll have the privilege of attending the concert without any charge. Each Jam session will be guided by one of our BRM musicians, who will establish an initial order to kickstart the sessions.

BRM Jam Session is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

There are precious few opportunities to enjoy a frosty beverage while slipping into the transcendental time warp of a classical Indian raga — which makes the Brooklyn Raga Massive’s peripatetic Wednesday night events kind of like the Alamo Drafthouse of Indian classical music. Attracting an audience as stylishly diverse as its music, BRM offers a just-say-yes approach to collaboration that has brought together Moroccan, West African, electronic, jazz, and hip-hop musicians under its inclusive umbrella.”
- The Village Voice
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past events

June 12, 2024
BRM Concert & Jam ft. Sheherazaad
April 4, 2024
BRM Concert+Jam ft. Slowspin
December 8, 2023
BRM Jam + Concert ft. Compass
September 14, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam ft. Anirudh Varma Collective
July 19, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam: Rini
June 16, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam: JUPITER by Sameer Gupta featuring Marc Cary
May 10, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Sandhya Sanjana & Friends
April 26, 2023
Sonzal: Kashmiri Folk Music and Poetry by Dr. Sadaf Munshi with Mehrnam Rastegari
February 22, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. The George Crotty Trio
January 25, 2023
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Hamid Habib Zada & Shekib Ghawsi
April 13, 2022
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Eric Fraser
February 16, 2022
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Falsa
November 30, 2021
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Dan Kurfirst's Quiet Kinetics
October 27, 2021
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft. Anupam Shobhakar and Sameer Gupta
September 21, 2021
BRM Concert + Jam Session ft.Jay Gandhi & Abhik Mukherjee with Sameer Gupta
May 4, 2021
Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin
January 30, 2021
BRM Network Music Tutorial and Jam Session
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