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Arun Ramamurthy Trio

Jun 5
7:00 PM
National Sawdust

Arun Ramamurthy Trio (ART) presents new music exploring the kindred spirits of Raga and Jazz. Drawing from Carnatic raga & rhythm structures, and coming to life in a freely improvising jazz trio, the CMA commissioned New Moon Suite honors tradition while embracing freedom and creativity. The 4-part work reflects on the inspiration of ancestors and family, and the lessons we take on our own personal journeys. ART's fluidity as an ensemble creates a unique, authentic sound - one that blurs boundaries and results in a deeply spiritual and invigorating listening experience.

\Arun Ramamurthy Trio (ART) brings together South Indian classical Carnatic music and contemporary jazz. Boundaries are blurred in this organic and seamless integration of styles as the group expands on traditional forms in explosive, improvisational flights of fancy. The trio freely explores the kindred spirit of raga music and jazz, resulting in a deeply invigorating and spiritual experience. ART's collaborative sound is driven by the dynamic rhythm section of drummer Sameer Gupta & and electric bassist Damon Banks. Arun’s original work tells stories of migration and cultural connection. His commissioned work from CMA's New Jazz Works, "New Moon Suite" shines a light on the teachings and wisdom of our ancestors, and the lessons we take on our own personal journeys. The 4-movement work premiered in late 2022 in NYC, and will be released as a studio recording in 2024.