After a season of events covering the perceptions, histories, and needs of tawaifs and matrilineal performer communities, we bring these conversations back home to our own community. To unwork the ongoing forms of oppression that pervade our artistic institutions, we must critically examine our collective accountability to artistic recognition and gender equity for our community members as well as artisans in South Asia.

Towards this end, we at BRM invite three distinguished femme artists from our US-based artistic community to speak about their experiences honoring the legacies of matrilineal performers and their arts:

  • Dr. Amie Maciszewski: Founder and Artistic Director at Sangeet Millennium
  • Janaki Patrik: Cofounder and Artistic Director of the Kathak Ensemble & Friends
  • Parul Shah: Founder and Artistic Director of the Parul Shah Dance Company

Social Justice Series: Uplifting Tawaif Culture Panel Conversation

8:00 PM EST


9:00 PM EST



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