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Rāginī Festival: Kafrine do Fé (Woman of Fire)

Mar 8
Branded Saloon

Kicking off Brooklyn Raga Massive’s Rāginī Festival, violinist Natie presents a set featuring a mix of remixes and unreleased original compositions drawing inspiration from soul and world music. Hailing from Réunion Island, Natie’s music explores themes of identity, self-love, and transcendence through enchanting layers of violin, voice, and drum machine she loops live in hypnotic solo sets. Natie will be joined by special guests for this performance which will be followed by Brooklyn Raga Massive’s signature jam session from 9:00-11:00pm. 

Schedule: 7pm Doors Open | 7:30 - 9:00pm Concert | 9:00-11:00pm Jam Session

Featured Artists

Natie is a Brooklyn-based artist, born and raised in Réunion Island. Since moving to New York in 2014, the classically trained violinist immersed herself in different styles of music from Folk to Hip-Hop and Jazz. After getting her Bachelors in Performance from WAAPA in Australia, she then went on to pursue a Masters in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship at The New School, which she graduated from in 2019. During that time Natie was performing and recording for mainstream artists such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Lalah Hathaway. 2020 marked the debut of her solo career with her EP “In the Key of Fall” which she celebrated with an East coast tour in Summer 2022. Outside of the stage or recording studio, Natie leads workshops in music production & songwriting with organizations around the city such as Building Beats, Girl Be Heard and Prison Writes. The creole artist is currently recording her next EP which will explore the concept of home, connecting Réunion & NYC, and ultimately a place we grow within. You can also hear her music in different advertisement campaigns, theater and dance productions. She’s frequently performing solo sets around the city, as well as hosting her bimonthly creative meet-up in Brooklyn called “Sunday Art Hang”.  By drawing connections between styles and genres, Natie aims to develop her own voice that can move, open, and unite people regardless of their background or culture. Find Natie online here: Instagram | Website 

About Rāginī Festival

Rāginī Festival, is a month-long festival of Brooklyn Raga Massive that explores the work of artists challenging systemic patriarchy in the South Asian creative ecosystem. Seeking to provide equitable and collaborative performance spaces, invigorate diasporic community engagement and inclusion, heal the infliction of colonial borders, and amplify the creative voices of non-patriarchal creators, The Rāginī Festival brings together artistic and musical threads from across oceans - retracing the labyrinth of memory and cultural myth-making. The 2023 edition of Rāginī Festival offers a month-long, cross-oceanic immersion into folk, classical, and contemporary art of the Indies, both East and West. Seeking to build threads of connection and also to acknowledge rifts in diasporic identity, Rāginī Festival 2023 journeys through expressions of Surinamese baithak ghana chanting, Trinidadian Bhojpuri folk song, queer “Coolitude” poetics, and South Asian classical music. Learn more about Rāginī Festival here.

Featured Artists