Raga Maqam—a collaboration between Brooklyn Raga Massive, The India Center Foundation, and Lincoln Center—explores the shared threads of Indian ragas and Iraqi maqam, the venerable tradition of structured-improvisatory composition. A public premiere of new work composed by Iraqi American multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Amir ElSaffar in conjunction with members of Brooklyn Raga Massive and maqam virtuosos from NYC and beyond, Raga Maqam imbues fresh life to their unique conversation between these ancient styles. Raga Maqam’s 15-performer ensemble unites a combo of virtuosic artists hailing from America, India, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Jordan, and Turkey with instrumentation just as eclectic as its musicians, featuring masters of the santur, oud, violin, sitar, bansuri, kamancheh and tabla.

Seats are available via the TodayTix Lottery. Enter for a chance to win a FREE pod (two seats) starting two weeks before the show. Entries close three days before a performance at 12:59 pm ET.

Raga Maqam @ Lincoln Center

8:00pm EST


9:00pm EST

Lincoln Center Restart Stages


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