As part of our programmatic efforts to educate ourselves and our community on social justice issues in the South Asian music community, we invite you to a screening and discussion of the 1981 Telugu movie "Saptapadi." Directed by K. Viswanath ("Shankarabharanam," "Swarna Kamalam"), the movie is centered on the romance between a caste-privileged Kuchipudi dancer and a Dalit flautist. A Carnatic-inspired soundtrack and depictions of performing artists' and religious figures' lives invite reflection on caste privilege in South Indian artistic and religious spaces. In preparation for the post-movie discussion, audiences are encouraged to self-educate on the caste system and reflect on their caste privilege prior to watching the movie. This event is a precursor to a more comprehensive series entitled The Politics of Caste in South Indian Percussion - stay tuned for further information.

Film Screening + Discussion: Saptapadi (1981)

8:00 PM


11:00 PM



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