The George Crotty Trio roams wild realms beyond the pale of the cello’s classical roots.  Known for an expressive fluidity and modal orientation,  the world-jazz outfit engages in cross-cultural interplay between post-bop, South American grooves, Indian Raga, and Arabic Maqam. Join us as they play new music from their forthcoming second album, “Chronotope.”

Powered by drummer Clemens Grassmann and bassist John Murchison, their collaborative sound deviates from a trio's typical hierarchy. The three players intertwine on their own spontaneous terms in an exploration of groove and color, lending Crotty's tunes an exciting three-dimensional quality.

Featured artists:
George Crotty, cello 
John Murchison, bass 
Clemens Grassmann, drums

7pm Doors Open 
7:30 - 9:00pm Concert 
9:00-11:00pm Jam Session

BRM Concert and Jam ft. George Crotty Trio

7:00 PM EST


11:00 PM EST

Branded Saloon


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