Info: Live Outdoors at Plaxall Gallery, LIC, Queens


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Yes its true, BRM's first concert in real life in over a year! Featuring original music composed and inspired by the works of John McLaughlin, while revisiting music selections from legendary Mahavishnu and Shakti albums of the 1970s and ‘beyond,’ this group re-envisions McLaughlin’s masterpieces and celebrates his vibrant solo and ensemble work. In addition, we celebrate the great women and moms who guided us through a life of music, at this special Mother's Day outdoor show. Bring the family and enjoy with us safely in this outside space by the waterfront in Queens.

The lineup: Vin Scialla - drums, Neel Murgai - sitar, Joe Deninzon - violin, David Ullmann- Guitar, Dan Asher - Bass, with original member of Mahavishnu, Premik Russell Tubbs - Woodwinds.

POSTPONED due to rain: BRM Celebrating John Mclaughlin & Mahavishnu



8:00PM EDT

Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery