Tradition to Innovation

Indian Classical music has touched the hearts of people from around the world. In Tradition to Innovation, Brooklyn Raga Massive takes you on a journey, beginning with pure classical ragas from India and traveling towards contemporary adaptations in America. While standing on the shoulders of giants like Ravi Shankar and John Coltrane, BRM presents their original visions of raga music today, reflective of their experiences with communities and cultures from around the world. (notes: mostly original music, classical pieces but primarly original music.

“Classical Indian music infuses nature, seasons, time of day, and spirituality into its music. Brooklyn Raga Massive have brought it to contemporary audiences with such force, its power is hard to deny. The musicianship and their commitment to the craft are jaw-dropping. It’s a gift to present these world-class musicians in Windham County.”

- Keith Marks, Executive Director of Next Stage

Upcoming events

November 19, 2023
Tradition to Innovation at Tilles Center
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Affiliated artists

Neel Murgai, sitar

Arun Ramamurthy, violin

Damon Banks, electric bass

Kane Mathis, oud, kora

Mir Naqibul Islam, tabla

Aaron Shragge, trumpet, shakuhachi