Rasa Yātra (“journey of essence”) is a captivating musical ensemble that celebrates the rich emotive tapestry of Indian classical music. Drawing inspiration from both the Northern Hindustani and Southern Carnatic traditions, the group takes audiences on a yātra (journey) across these expansive realms of beauty and expression. At the heart of this ensemble is a gathering of exceptionally talented musicians, friends and longtime collaborators, each a master of their craft. Featured artists include Jay Gandhi (bansuri flute), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Abhik Mukherjee (sitar), Samarth Nagarkar (vocals), Vivek Pandya (tabla), and Swaminathan Selvaganesh (kanjira). Embark on this extraordinary experience with Rasa Yātra and immerse yourself in the expansive beauty of Indian classical music

Upcoming events

July 21, 2024
Counterpoint: Brooklyn Raga Massive Festival

Upcoming events

September 7, 2023
Colors of Raga ft. Rasa Yātra
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Affiliated artists

Jay Gandhi - bansuri flute

Arun Ramamurthy - violin

Abhik Mukherjee - sitar

Samarth Nagarkar - vocals

Vivek Pandya - tabla

Swaminathan Selvaganesh- kanjira