Prepare to be captivated by Quadrature, a dynamic band featuring members of Brooklyn Raga Massive. Featuring the mesmerizing sitar and effects of Neel Murgai, alongside the innovative trumpet and effects of Indofunk Satish, the rhythmic brilliance of Tripp Dudley on drumset, and the deep grooves of Damon Banks on bass, this musical powerhouse ventures into uncharted territories at the intersection of raga, rock, and jazz. 

Emerging from the legendary BRM jam session, Quadrature began their journey with fully improvised, psychedelic sets rooted in ragas, captivating audiences on the streets of Brooklyn. Building upon their foundation, they now showcase original compositions alongside reinterpretations of classics from the likes of Pandit Ravi Shankar, Funkadelic, the Beatles, and more. Inspired by their name, which derives from mathematics and astronomy, Quadrature delves into experimental realms of black hole blues and intricate melodies to create a distinctive sound for this time and space. 

"While dedicated to the lifelong journey of Hindustani classical music, I am most interested in creating cross-cultural music that is the sum of my experiences and influences. Quadrature brings together a special group of musicians who share an eclectic and rocking, globetrotting vision."

- Neel Murgai, sitar

Upcoming events

April 29, 2024
BRM Presents Quadrature

Upcoming events

January 11, 2024
APAP Showcase: BRM Presents Ragini Ensemble, Nakshatra and Quadrature

Upcoming events

November 29, 2023
Quadrature at Littlefield
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Affiliated artists

Neel Murgai, sitar

Indofunk Satish, trumpet

Damon Banks, bass

Tripp Dudley, percussion