Coltrane Raga Tribute

Brooklyn Raga Massive's Coltrane Raga Tribute is a reflection of the relationship between Indian Classical Raga music and American Jazz through the legacy of John and Alice Coltrane. John Coltrane remains a pivotal force in the styles of modal jazz, avant-garde jazz, hard-bop and world music. With a lifelong friendship with Ravi Shankar and records like “Aum” and songs like “India,” John Coltrane and his legacy have led a movement towards bringing Indian music influences, especially Raga, closer to the world of Jazz music. Similarly, the vast legacy of pianist, harpist, singer, composer and spiritual leader Turiya Alice Coltrane has been an endless source of inspiration and mystique for the musicians of Brooklyn Raga Massive. As a professional jazz artist who played with legends Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders, Carlos Santana, as well as her husband, Alice Coltrane embodies the spiritual, thrilling, and ephemeral energy of improvisation that made her a pioneer of the cosmic jazz movement. BRM honors both of these artists in their Coltrane tribute performances and have recently developed an Alice Coltrane - specific performance that breathes new life into her work with entrancing sojourns into her classic albums such as Journey in Satchidananda, Turiya Sings, and more.

"The group has achieved the rare feat of honoring a great artist’s contributions with respect and reverence while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The Brooklyn Raga Massive is building on the Raga-inspired legacy that John and Alice Coltrane started.”

- David Boyce
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Affiliated artists

Abhik Mukherjee, sitar 

Anupam Shobhakar, sarod 

Arun Ramamurthy, Carnatic violin

Ben Tyree, guitar

Brandee Younger, harp

Courtney Bryan, piano

David Ewell, bass

Destiny Muhammad, harp

Dezron Douglas, bass

Jay Gandhi, bansuri

Kev Choice, piano

Marc Cary, piano

Neel Murgai, sitar 

Rashaan Carter, bass 

Reggie Workman, bass

Richard Howell, saxophone

Sameer Gupta, drums,tabla

Trina Basu, violin

“We're just all about trying to keep those vibrations and those compositions that she [Alice Coltrane] wrote alive and to keep that moving forward. I'm one of the last people still living who was very close to Alice and John and their music, and I feel fortunate that (the Brooklyn Raga Massive) called me in to collaborate with them for this project."

- Reggie Workman, NEA Jazz Master