WNYC (NPR)'s the New Sounds feature article, "The Indian Influence"

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In 2017 the collective recorded Terry Riley's "In C." Terry Riley composed the iconic work "In C" in 1964 and the piece, first performed with a group including Steve Reich and Pauline Oliveros, is often credited with creating the genre of minimalism. Riley was influenced by Indian Classical music and later studied deeply, initially under the guidance of Pandit Pran Nath. A raga influenced performance and recording of "In C", by Brooklyn Raga Massive was a perfect fit for the adventurous crew and brought the piece, and genre, full circle, back to its Indian Classical roots.

The dreams of the musicians in Brooklyn Raga Massive were exceeded when Terry Riley heard their version and began corresponding with them dreaming up a new piece for the group. In their performances of "In C" Terry suggested that the “use the basic "In C" form but open it up to solos...based on some of the patterns.” The piece has evolved in the hands of the collective and has developed to follow a series of ragas, Indian classical modes that evoke particular rasas, or emotional essences. Now presented with original cells composed by Neel Murgai, David Ellenbogen, Jay Gandhi, and Abhik Mukherjee, the new piece is presented as "In D." Alight with improvisation and synchronicity, no two performances are alike.

Brooklyn Raga Massive's "In D" project is funded in part by the Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation along with the Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

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