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Neel Murgai, Sitar, Conductor
Abhik Mukherjee, Sitar
Galen Passen, Sitar
Samarth Nagarkar, Vocal
Josh Geisler, Bansuri
Jay Gandhi, Bansuri
Trina Basu, Violin, String Section Leader
Arun Ramamurthy, Carnatic Violin
Charlie Burnham, Violin
Gwen Banks, Violin
Marika Hughes, Cello
Jake Charkey, Cello
Andy Statman, Mandolin, Clarinet
Kane Mathis, Kora, Oud
Aaron Shragge, Trumpet, Shakuhachi
David Ellenbogen, Electric Guitar
Gyan Riley, Electric Guitar
Damon Banks, Electric Bass
Sameer Gupta, Tabla
Roshni Samlal, Tabla
Ron McBee, Conga, Multi Percussion
Tripp Dudley, Frame Drums, Multi Percussion
Lauren Crump, Cajon, Timpani
Vin Scialla, Vibes, Riq, Timpani
Mari Tanaka, Tanpura, Sruti Box, Harp

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In D is Brooklyn Raga Massive’s musical homage to legendary minimalist composer Terry Riley. The ensemble’s first venture into celebrating Riley’s work began with their critically acclaimed performance of the composer’s seminal work, In C. With an overwhelming reception from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Terry Riley himself, Brooklyn Raga Massive continues their journey to take a maximalist approach to this minimalist work with In D, named for the musical key of the sitar. Based around a framework of musical cells or packets that can be rearranged and played in any order, In D turns orchestral music on its head by giving agency and freedom to an eclectic array of musicians.  
In D draws from the ragas Bihag, Bairagi and Darbari to create an original suite of melodic jigsaw puzzle pieces. With 25 artists featured on the In D album and a touring ensemble of 16 musicians playing Indian, Middle-Eastern, African and European instruments, the In D experience is alive with improvisation and synchronicity - no two performances are alike!

Brooklyn Raga Massive's In D project is funded in part by the Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation along with the Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

Educational Offerings
The 16 touring musicians of In D represent many musical traditions and instruments and bring passion and expertise in sharing their craft with learners of all ages. The ensemble can offer masterclasses and workshops for all ages and experience levels that are instrument specific, theory based, or more holistically about the history of raga music and the nuances of cross cultural collaborations. To discuss a custom educational experience for your audiences please contact ensemble conductor Neel Murgai at neel@brooklynragamassive.com.

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The world-class musicians who make up the BRM “massive” compose and perform raga-inspired music in 11+ different ensembles. Our ensemble concerts display our commitment to artistic excellence and extraordinary musicianship.