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Group of 19 Musicians on a Stage at MoMA performing to a crowd of people sitting on the floor

Hailed as "Leaders of the Raga Renaissance" by the New Yorker and praised by The New York Times for "preserving the past while blurring genres in an inventive spirit," BRM curates and presents over 70 concerts annually at celebrated venues and festivals across the United States and internationally.

our mission

At the heart of Indian classical music are a set of melodic frameworks for improvisation and composition -- ragas.

Raga-inspired music of any genre is fluid, colorful, and highly improvisational, requiring deep listening and respect between musicians.

BRM aims to leverage these values of openness, generosity, humility, and respect for tradition to cultivate genuine connections between artists and audiences of all backgrounds. 

a brief history

BRM was officially founded in 2015, but our seeds as a collective were planted in 2012 during a weekly jam session at a local Prospect Heights venue. What began as a casual weekly event flourished and grew into a mainstay of the New York City arts scene, cultivating a vibrant community of diverse musicians and music lovers. In keeping with the democratic spirit of these jam sessions, our collective is composed of 50+ collaborating musicians rooted in traditional South Asian, Indian classical, and other musical forms.

Our ensembles have partnered with artists from over a dozen countries including Mali, Cuba, Bolivia, and Iraq in styles from jazz and minimalism to rock and klezmer to reach audiences of all ages and races. This practice of cross-cultural collaboration both reflects the current global landscape and enables BRM to serve as an incubator of an expansive, inclusive new genre of music indigenous to Brooklyn.

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